Thursday, January 14, 2010

Running Away from Questions

I know my life is easy.
I know that I'm spoiled getting to worry about losing weight...not gaining it in order to survive.

With the Haiti earthquake, I'm spoiled sitting here in my comfy house with the time, energy, food, comfort, roof over my head, and Internet in order to type this nonsense about my fitness routine. My selfishness sickens me.

Today I'll go running and pray for my friends the Clays and their many street children they loved and cared for who are in Port Au Prince. I pray they will find food, shelter, and safety. Visit to donate.

I will also be running away from my three-year-old sons questions.
"Why do we live on this ball that wiggles and makes houses fall down?"
"Will our house fall down?"
"Where is Jesus when the houses fall down?"
"When you type on the computer will no more houses fall down?"
"Can the orphans come to our house so that they can have food?"

Good questions son. I can't answer them. All I can say is that I love you and we will do all we can to help the children in Haiti together. And I'll go running to just blow off a fraction of my feelings (which are nothing compared to what Haitians are feeling.

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