Thursday, January 07, 2010

Training Team for early Spring Half

So I've joined a training team in order to train for the Shamrockin' Half Marathon here in Sacramento. The trainers are a couple who own the running store in town. At the orientations all the questions that were asked were ones I could have answered. I think it left me going...oh...I know how to train myself. But I really signed up for the comraderie and am now trying to recruit my Mom to join me.

This Saturday our first long run as a training group of around 50 people is a 4-6 mile long run. Our trainers want us all to run slow and easy. I think I will run 6 miles as fast as I can! I won't get injured doing this since that distance isn't that long for me. And if I'm going to really train for this Half Marathon I want to train my long runs at the pace I hope to accomplish, which is under 10 minute miles.

I know right now I can already run 7 miles at a 9:20 pace.
If I could maintain that for 13.1 miles that would be a 2:02 half marathon, or a 122 minute. For now I'll just say around 2:10 (which is less than a 10 minute mile).
Therefore, on Saturday long runs, with my training team I plan to run sub 10 minute miles. At least that is my plan.

someday I'd love to run a sub 2 hour half marathon (which would require a sub 9:10 per mile pace). That will be a long range goal. When left to just enjoy a run I like to run 9:30 pace right now. I only push it faster when I'm running a quick 2 miles. I could probably run 2 miles in around 8:40 pace.

Sorry to ramble numbers. But when I have a goal ahead of me I am much more motivated to run. I also need to decide on my pace ahead of time if I want to be growing.

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