Thursday, January 28, 2010

Speedwork...legs hurt

We were supposed to run a warm up 10 minutes, than increase our speed every 5 minutes until the last 5 minutes were at 5k pace. Instead I went from my car to the start of our speedwork without warming up and ran the first mile at 8:49 (my 5k pace) the second mile at 8:55, and the third mile at 8:49. So I ran fast the whole time and didn't really pick it up that fast in the end. We were supposed to run for 30 minutes and I really kicked it in the last minute to get to 3.29 miles in 30 minutes (8:57 pace). Not bad but not great. I like seeing that 8 though instead of 9 minute pace. I have a few runners that are close to my pace and we seem to really treat each group run like a race which helps me move faster than I would on my own. I keep looking over my shoulder to see if anyone is trying to pass me.

But now my left chin and right knee hurt because I think I did all that with shoes that were just too worn out for me. I'm trying to decide whether or not to run the 5 miles I'm supposed to run tomorrow before my long run on Saturday. Perhaps I could cut that run short too to let my legs recover (or I could cross train at the gym now that I once again have a membership)! They say 50 minutes of hard biking does the same good for maintaining your cardio endurance as does running the same amount of time. I think I'll try to run, and if my legs hurt at all, I'll go bike at the gym. That way I'll still have the legs to do another 7 miles this Saturday and hopefully beat last weeks time of 66:30.

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Nate said...

How does your right chin feel? ;-)

I think it's exciting how you are really changing your "natural" pace. Feel proud!